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here are some testimonials from patients:

at thirty-four weeks (pregnant) our physician told my husband and me that our baby was breech and that if it did not turn by the thirty-sixth week we would need to have an ecv and/or cesarean section. this distressed us very much and so our physician also suggested finding a chiropractor qualified and successful in performing the webster technique to turn our breech baby. we found dr. friedman, in acton, ma to administer the webster technique, and in just a few visits our baby had turned. the webster technique is not invasive or painful. in fact the adjustments that were made to my body during the procedure proved to be beneficial as not only did it turn the baby into the correct birthing position, but it also helped to relieve sciatic nerve pain that i was experiencing at the time. we highly recommend the webster technique as an alternative method to turn a breech pregnancy.

t c
pepperell, massachusetts

i owe dr. mitch friedman an enormous debt of gratitude for his professionalism, keen eye for spotting medical problems, excellent care and sincere concern. i came to dr. friedman with a few long-standing issues, including disruptive and often severe itchiness over many parts of my body, and a moderate back ache. i wasn't hopeful about any relief from chiropractic from the itchiness, and hoped at most for some help with my back pain.

dr. friedman immediately alerted me to swelling on my knee cap, which i had barely noticed or felt. he also noted some swelling in the leg itself, which i hadn't seen. although the problem was not one he could treat, he advised me to see an orthopedic doctor immediately -- he sensed there was something very wrong.

and indeed, he was absolutely correct. when i saw an orthopedist shortly afterward, i was rushed onto i.v. antibiotics to treat what was apparently a dangerously septic kneecap -- an infection of the sac that can threatened both limb and life. i was told by the orthopedist that dr. friedman's keen eye, medical sense and alarm had saved me from very serious consequences.

in addition, my long-standing back pain disappeared after several of dr. friedman's adjustments, and even the itchiness was greatly eased! needless to say, i am very grateful to dr. friedman. in addition to his clearly excellent practitioner skills, he treated me with great respect, patient care and understanding. he also took on my medical situation with a real commitment to healing.

acton, massachusetts


i was the mother of a pre-mature baby, with all the problems that go with that. at the age of 2 my daughter started with ear infections. ear infections also happen to run in our family from my parents, sisters and brothers, to all the grandchildren. i have brothers with hearing loss and nephews with tubes in their ears.

at first amy’s infections would occur maybe twice a year, but became more frequent with the passing years. she was eight years old when it became apparent something more would have to be done. she was on antibiotics from december until april with about a week in between finishing one antibiotic only to start another. i was at my wits end.

dr. friedman said, “let me try, what have you got to loose”. i was a skeptic, like so many people i didn’t believe that chiropractic could help anything other than a back problem. i myself had gone to a chiropractor many years earlier and had fantastic results. i decided to try after all i had been working with him for the past year and a half.

i brought her to see dr. friedman three times a week for three weeks and then once a week for sometime. that was the last ear infection she ever had. i know without chiropractic my daughter would have either ended up with surgery or suffered severe hearing loss. i only wish i had listen to him sooner.

amy is now 17 years old and continues to get adjusted. she notices that her body just doesn’t feel its best and comes to work with me for an adjustment.

nancy k.
chelmsford, ma


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